You don’t need to purchase expensive attendance management systems. Look what you can do.


Replacement for outdated attendance systems
Simple and fast setup
No need to purchase expensive terminals
Using modern technologies on your phone or tablet


You can track:
- employee‘s arrival time,
- whether your sales representative was in time for a meeting with a client,
- workers on a construction site,
- location of the site guard while making rounds,
- attendance on trainings, lectures, etc.


You can see real time statistics from any device via a web browser
Minimal setup cost — no need to purchase a software
Statistics (attendance records per day/month/year etc.)
Data export (e.g. to your IS)


You only need a smartphone or a tablet
QR codes – identification by scanning an image
NFC – identification by a card, tag or a sticker
GPS – location tracking

How does Frekr work?

Watch the Frekr demo video of using the service in standard company.



How can I use the service?

You only need a smartphone or a tablet with camera and you can start right away! The device with our Frekr App will serve as an attendance terminal - every employee will record their arrival/departure using access card (NFC) or by scanning a QR code.

Do you have employees outside of a permanent workplace? They can download the Frekr app to their smartphones and record attendance from there, including their GPS location.

Admins can view attendance records and other statictics on our web. Naturally, the the data can be exported, e.g. for accounting department to create payroll reports.


Start with the free edition, if you need more users you can upgrade to paid version at any time. The price can be customized according to number of users.

  • 0 EUR forever
  • Tryout
  • Email support
  • Max. 5 users
  • Max. 1 terminal
  • History
  • Planning of shifts
  • Register
  • 0.7 EUR user/month
  • Schools and NGOs
  • Email support
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited terminals
  • Unlimited history
  • Unlimited planning of shifts
  • More types of exports
  • Register
  • negot. user/month
  • Larger deployments
  • Phone support
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited terminals
  • Unlimited history
  • Unlimited planning of shifts
  • More types of exports
  • Detection of inactive users
  • Register


Answers to your questions.

Can I just try the application?

Registration and using the application for up to 5 users is free. To show you how the application works and which statistics you can download we will create 3 demo users in your account after registration. You will also see their history and you can try the application with these users. When you no longer need them, you can easily delete them and add your own users.

When can I start using Frekr?

Right now! You just need to have a smartphone or a tablet. If you need better security you can use a device with NFC. You can just log in, create new users and register your mobile device. Easy, isn’t it? In case of any issues we are offering free support. You can start with up to 5 users for free.

What do I need to start with attendance management?

You set up a tablet or smartphone with Frekr App next to your workplace entrance and every employee can then scan NFC (card, tag or a sticker) or QR code to record their arrival/departure. Or there is a second option which doesn't require smartphone or a tablet at the entrance: you can place an NFC sticker on a door or a wall and employees scan the NFC tag with their android phone as they arrive and leave. It is possible to combine both options.

I need to record working hours of employees outside the workplace. How can I do it?

The employee installs Frekr App on his/her smartphone and initializes with his/her account. After that he/she can log in and out on their mobile phone with GPS location.

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is used for wireless communication between devices on a short distance (millimeters to centimeters). The NFC technology offers transfers between active NFC devices, but also transfers among active NFC device (reader) and passive device or NFC tag.

What is QR code?

QR Code is a good identificator for automated data collection. QR code can encode much more data than a standard EAN barcode. There is plenty of apps for smartphones and tablets with a camera that support scanning QR codes. The acronym QR is short for “Quick Response”.

How much does it cost?

In the beginning you can use the service for up to 5 users for free. If you need more users, you can upgrade to paid version and you will pay each month according to the number of users. You can use your own device or we can help you with the selection.

Is it possible to connect the application with our payroll system?

Yes! We are offering data export. You can make the exports according to the needs of your IS. Now we provide export to .xls, .pdf and .csv. We can add more export types according to customers needs.

Which platforms does it support?

To access the statistics and administration you can use any internet browser. Currently, our primary app is only available for Android, although it's also possible to record attendance from iOS or Windows devices from an internet browser or from our web app (PWA).

How can I try/order the service?

First you need to register and then download Frekr app from Google Play. Then you can use the service for up to 5 users for free. If you need more users, you can upgrade to paid version right from your account.


Videos demonstrating Frekr features.

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